Age 44
Current TownMowbray MTN
HometownMowbray MTN
Profession/Hobbies outside of dartscollecting Native American artifacts
Current SponsorsPickled Pig Darts Supplies, Shot Darts,Cosmo FitFlights
Type Dart and Manufacturer Shot pro series Chainsaws
Dart Weight20g

Joe Chaney is a well-known name in the professional darts circuit. He has been playing darts for over 15 years and has won numerous tournaments, including the World Darts Championship and the European Open. Joe’s success can be attributed to his unique style of play which is based on precision and accuracy rather than brute strength or power. He is renowned for being able to hit the board with incredible accuracy, often hitting a bullseye within three darts from anywhere on the board.

In addition to his impressive tournament record, Joe is also an accomplished coach and mentor, having trained some of the top players in the world. He has also authored several books about darts which are used as essential references for both beginners and experts. He is a true pioneer in the sport and an inspiration to many aspiring players. Joe Chaney’s success on the oche is undeniable and he continues to be one of the most respected and admired figures in professional darts.

Joe is also an active member of the darts community, often making appearances at tournaments and giving interviews about his playing style. He is widely respected for his knowledge of the game and regularly shares tips and advice with aspiring players who want to improve their game. Joe is a proud ambassador of the sport and a role model for many people in the darting world. He is a great example of what dedication, hard work, and perseverance can achieve in the world of darts. Joe Chaney’s passion for the game is unparalleled, and his presence on the oche continues to be an inspiration to aspiring players all over the world.

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High achievement in life:

  • 2019 BDO World Trophy Quarter Finalist
  • 2019 Music City Classic Winner
  • 2019 Cleveland Extravaganza Winner
  • 2019 Las Vegas Open Quarter Finalist
  • 2018 ADO National Team Winner
  • 2018 BDO World Championship Last 40
  • 2017 Las Vegas Open Winner
  • 2017 Camellia Classic Winner
  • 2017 WDF World Cup Singles Last 64
  • 2017 ADO Choo Choo Classic Winner
  • 2016 ADO Battle of Stones River Winner
  • 2016 ADO Americas Cup Winner
  • 2016 Charlotte Open Winner
  • 2016 Colorado Open Winner

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