How to Build a Dartboard Stand? tools,tips and tricks

Dartboards are a popular game played in bars, pubs, and homes all over the world. To play the game, you need a dartboard stand to hold the board in place. Building your own stand can be a fun and challenging project, and it will give you a great sense of satisfaction once you’ve finished it. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to build a dartboard stand, including the tools you need, step-by-step instructions, and tips and tricks to help you build the perfect stand.

What is a Dartboard Stand?

A dartboard stand is a frame that supports the dartboard, allowing players to throw darts at the board without damaging walls or other surfaces. Dartboard stands can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or PVC, and come in different shapes and sizes. Some stands are designed to be portable, while others are more permanent and can be mounted to a wall or placed on a stand.

Tools We Need to Build a Dartboard Stand

Before we get started on building the dartboard stand, let’s go over the tools and materials you’ll need for the project

Tools We Need to Build a Dartboard Stand
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or varnish
  • Wood (2x4s or plywood)
  • Screws and bolts

How to Build a Dartboard Stand

Now that we have our tools and materials ready, let’s get started on building our dartboard stand:

Measure and Cut the Wood:

Measure and cut your wood into four equal pieces to create the legs of the stand. Cut two additional pieces of wood for the horizontal supports that will connect the legs.

Drill Holes:

Drill holes into the ends of the legs and the horizontal supports to connect them using screws and bolts. Make sure the holes are aligned to create a stable and secure stand.

Assemble the Stand:

Attach the horizontal supports to the legs using screws and bolts. Use wood glue to secure the joints and make the stand even more sturdy. you keep this away from water.

Sand and Paint the Stand:

Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on the wood. Then, paint or varnish the stand to give it a finished look. You can also add any designs or decorations you like.

Attach the Dartboard:

Attach the dartboard to the stand using screws or a mounting bracket. Make sure the board is centred and at the correct height for playing the game.

Tips & Tricks to Build a Dartboard Stand

  • Use a level to make sure the stand is perfectly balanced and stable.
  • If you’re building a portable stand, consider adding wheels to make it easier to move around.
  • Choose wood that is strong and durable, such as oak or maple.
  • Make sure the dartboard is mounted securely to prevent it from falling off during play.
  • Add a shelf or storage area to the stand to hold darts and other accessories.


Building a dartboard stand is a great DIY project that can be both fun and challenging. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the right tools and materials, you can create a sturdy and attractive stand that will provide hours of entertainment. With a little practice and some creativity, you can customize your stand to suit your personal style and preferences, making it a unique addition to any home or game room.


Building a dartboard stand can take anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on your level of experience and the complexity of the design. However, with the right tools and materials, the process should be relatively straightforward.

Yes, PVC can be used to build a dartboard stand. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for portable stands.

While some woodworking skills can be helpful, you do not need to be an expert to build a dartboard stand. With the right tools and materials, anyone can build a simple stand that is sturdy and functional.

Yes, you can mount your dartboard stand to a wall if it has a mounting bracket or if you create a mount for it. Make sure to use sturdy brackets and screws to ensure the stand is secure

The best type of wood for a dartboard stand is one that is strong and durable, such as oak or maple. These types of wood are less likely to warp or split over time, ensuring that your stand will last for years to come.

To ensure your dartboard stand is stable, use a level when assembling it and make sure the legs are even. You can also add weight to the bottom of the stand, such as sandbags or bricks, to keep it from tipping over during play.

es, you can customize your dartboard stand by painting or staining it and adding any designs or decorations you like. You can also add features such as shelves or storage areas to hold darts and other accessories.

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